Granada to Matagalpa, Nicaragua

A view from the road

Sucking on the ubiquitous juice bag

Typical market scene

Dance time!

Finding balance in the market place

Artisan chicken baskets...don't know what else to say about this...

Rough roads

Crucifix-brandishing cowboy

Spanish-speaking kitten

Typical jar of restaurant hot sauce

Typical Mercedes load-hauler

Phytochemicals and beta-carotene, anyone?

Vultures waiting for roadkill

Peter and Logan attempting the incredible whole-lime-in-the-mouth trick

Thoroughly enjoying the sweet sweet taste of limes

Still thorougly enjoying the experience

The perfect cappuccino in Matagalpa

Extreme coffee art

Who knew how useful spider webs are for snatching hot dogs?

Peter and Logan consecrating their devotion

Women are the force of the revolution

One response to “Granada to Matagalpa, Nicaragua

  1. Jack Houston

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